Jul 14, 2013

China again exposed the new special fighter can shield the enemy signal

Moderator: Recently, the Chinese Air Force's first psychological warfare aircraft No. 7 raised concerns about high exposure, psychological warfare is considered to be the main information war of the style, in the past the Libya war and the war on terrorism and war, the American Psychological Warfare aircraft EC130J, have played a huge effect, then this developed in China new psychological warfare aircraft, and whether we can achieve not battle and flooding the soldiers of the effect? Explanation: the latest exposure of various psychological warfare aircraft No. 7, was developed by China's shape, the 8 transporter converted to one of the psychological warfare aircraft, the task is to perform psychological operations and civil affairs in the standard AM FM frequency TV and military communication band broadcast task, during execution this task must be to expect, aircraft group as the target, the aircraft altitude control signal propagation in most suitable height. At the same time, it can also suppress enemy's television, radio and communication network, and their insert into enemy propaganda to the enemy, military and civilian morale. Rumors and confusion in manufacturing the enemy, not to fight the soldiers of the objective. In addition, the aircraft can also be rating enemy signal, the formation of collapse of the enemy propaganda battle force. Chen Donglong (Taiwan "defense shutter" editor): this tactic if I had no way to decide the war when the immediate result, but for the morale, it is a very big impact, if you can hit the enemy's morale, you this battle, even if you have no way of one hundred percent military success, at least you throughout the war, you have already won half. Qin Zhen (China knowledge "weapon" magazine executive editor): this kind of psychological warfare aircraft in the end how much can achieve effect, can collapse into each other morale, how to collapse, a standard is not an objective assessment.

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