May 13, 2011

Guess The Meaning Contest

Guess The Meaning Contest  阅读原文»

If you are able to read this post, we believe you must have seen our new website layout.

Do you like it ? Or hate it?

Let us know and we would like to hear what you think. Inconjunctionwith our new layout, we would like to run a contest on guessing what is the hidden meaning behind each elements we have applied on the layout.

The W logo is referring to logo.

The orange logo with 2 person is referring to __________

The plant on the box is referring to __________

The shopping cart logo is referring to ___________

The bb logo is referring to ___________

The cloud is referring to ___________

The rocket is referring to ___________

The bee is referring to ___________

The windmill is referring to ___________

After completing the above with your own creative answer, post a tweet that sound like below.

“I love @WPWebHost new layout and I have joined the “Guess the Meaning Contest” at


“I hate @WPWebHost new layout but I have joined the “Guess the Meaning Contest” at

Then copy the tweet URL and post on the comment box below.

10 participants with most accurate/nearest answer or most creative answer will walk away with a brand new official WPWebHost t-shirt.

1 lucky winner with most accurate answers and creative answers will walk away with

  • an official WPWebHost T-shirt
  • 1 year of premium themes from Elegant Themes
  • $200 worth of Google Adwords coupon
  • official Google T-shirt.

Rules and Regulation

  1. There is no limits on the numbers of participation on the same person
  2. The answer to each meaning must be somehow makes sense
  3. The winners decision is bound to solely by WPWebHost.
  4. Complete plagiarism participantion on top of other participant will not be accepted.
  5. Contest will end on 20th May 2011.
  6. Answer to all the meaning of the elements will be revealed on 21th May 2011.

Good luck.

P/S: Check out the participation comment on the first comment for sample of participation.


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