Jan 8, 2010

Mashable Hunk Not Ready for Heavy Petting with AOL [Blogging For Dollars]

Responding to rumors he might sell his tech blog to AOL, Mashable CEO/babe magnet Pete Cashmore says he's gone to first or second base with some company, and flirted with others, but isn't about to close a deal.

Here are Cashmore's exact, carefully chosen words, via Business Insider:

We're very open to partnerships and always talk with those that get in touch. We've certainly spoken to lots of potential partners, some of those conversations more significant than others. But I don't feel that any of those conversations reached a point at which Mashable is likely to cease being independent.

Translation: "You probably can't afford me." Playing distant and unobtainable with the suitors? No wonder this one drives the ladies crazy.

(Pic: Cashmore, by Brian Solis.)

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