Jan 8, 2010

Live Blogging Jersey Shore , Week Five with Special Guests Sammi and Ronnie [Jersey Shore]

It's always nerve-wracking having company over. Is the house clean enough? Will we have enough food? When will they get here? Will they show at all? Like a good party, it's going to be a blast watching Jersey Shore together.

As you might have heard the king and queen of Seaside Heights, Sammi and Ronnie, are scheduled to be joining us tonight. I've set up commenter accounts, so they should be all ready to go. Now we just have to wait for them to get here. Ho hum...what's taking you guys so long?

While we wait, I'll explain what this whole shindig is all about. We're all going to watch Jersey Shore, the most important sociological study of our time, together on MTV. The show starts at 10pm, but in the hour before, we'll just be hanging out in the room sharing tanning tips and trading ham recipes. If you'd like to join in or make a comment about the show, type your message in the box below and press the share button. Then everyone can see it and they can respond and you can respond to others by pressing the arrow that says "reply" next to their comment.

As you're doing this, also refresh the page often so you can see all the new comments and all the responses you get.

What kind of party games are we going to play? Charades is boring and Scrabble has too many pieces, so here's what we're going to be talking about:

  • Nicknames: The nicknames we give these kids can't be any better than the ones they give themselves, but we're going to try. Leave us any suggestions in the comments.
  • Drinking Games: A shot of Jaegger ever time Snooki takes a shot at using the duck phone? A sip of punch whenever a punch is throw? A sex on the beach whenever anyone has sex on the beach? What is appropriate?
  • T-Shirt Slogan Scavenger Hunt: Maybe Sammi and Ronnie can fill us in on what all the shirts on the wall at the Shore Store say. We know there are hidden gems.
  • Quotes and Definitions: Share your favorite quotes as they happen and let us know what words and phrases confuse you, so we can define them for you. I'm compiling them all for the recap tomorrow, so if you pick out a good one, I'm totally going to steal it.

There's a 30-minute "after show" special tonight starting at 11pm, so we'll probably stick around for that too, if you'd like to stay late. Alright kids, the company is almost here. Clean up, and meet us in the comments!

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