Nov 5, 2009

Which Actress Got Pregnant to Keep Her Man? [Blind Items]

Messy parents make for messy kids. This leading lady put a bun in her oven so that her man wouldn't dump her, another star couple has two out-of-control monsters. What are they to do?! Think of the children.

1. "This B/C list Celebrity will announce her upcoming pregnancy soon, but don't be fooled; it's a stunt. Sure, it's legit. There's a real life baby in her belly, but what her boyfriend doesn't know is that she skipped her pills on purpose because she feared an impending breakup. We know there are rumors of his wandering eye, and maybe she thought a child would refocus his vision. Not Ashlee Simpson (although we wouldn't be surprised to hear her make a similar announcement in the upcoming months)." [BuzzFoto]

2. "You may already know that this family has one child in trouble. Perhaps it's the result of his famous acting parents constant fighting. Will they ever go their separate ways? He's not the only kid in his family acting out, though. Daddy's little princess is also into the kinds of things that horrify parents – alcohol, drugs, and sex. Yep. All three. It's all pretty hush-hush at this point, but you might see a second surprise hit the press pretty soon." [Blind Gossip]

3. "This A list female country singer was hired to shoot a video of her just talking. She was given the script ahead of time and had cue cards at the ready. She came in the morning after a concert in a nearby town and was put in hair and makeup. A room was especially decorated for her to shoot the video in. The building was cleared for only essential people and the camera started rolling. And rolling. And rolling. Because for all of her posturing and songs of "I am a strong, smart woman" our singer couldn't even read her cue cards right. Also, "uh" is one of the main words in her vocabulary. The crew, ever the professionals, stuck it out waiting for her to get her few lines right. After a few hours, the director called it a day and said they have what they need and proceeds to try to edit those few lines into something passable. He had to use a lot more video of her singing then he thought he would but he made it work." [CDaN]

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