Nov 4, 2009

Microsoft Flacks Banned 'Forever' Over a 'Significantly Less Blue' Scoop [Feuds]

Michael Arrington, the TechCrunch publisher and noted feuding diva, has "banned" Microsoft's PR firm Waggener Edstrom for a blown embargo. Forever. What huge scoop was stolen from him, by Microsoft's terrorist network?

A redesign of to contain "significantly less blue." Arrington, who loathes embargoed tech "news" (so do we), used to make an exception for Microsoft, and sat on this one until midnight last night. But a dastardly marketing blogger spoiled his exclusive by running the story an hour early, due to some kind of WordPress error. The startup information chieftan tells us:

They came in and briefed me, took an hour. Then I rearranged my evening to write the post, took more time. the embargo broke by at least 45 minutes and they [Waggener] didn't bother to let me know.

So now Google is the last big name in tech allowed to supply Arrington with embargoed news. Until one of their orchestrated PR news releases blows up in his face, too. And so Arrington's worthwhile, if ignoble, war on Valley flacks continues.

(Pic: Arrington, by Randy Stewart)

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