Oct 1, 2009

Which Singer Is Spreading the Gift That Keeps on Giving? [Blind Items]

We all take things from our past relationships: mementos, memories, sores. You certainly got the last one if you dated this singer. What will you get from paying for sex with this druggie actress? Probably a scorching case of trouble.

1. "In today's Daily Mirror, we asked: Which singing sensation with a cleaner than clean reputation is actually hiding a dirty little secret? She's carrying two different STIs, and has been dumped by at least one bloke because of it. Your extra clue: Did she catch them from her famous ex?" [UK Mirror]

2. "This item will be short and sweet, just like this adorable TV actress. Although she's petite, this girl apparently makes a big impression wherever she goes. There's a famous NBA player - known for being a bad boy – who can't stop talking about her since he met her. In his own words, 'She's exactly the right height to give me a b* j*.'" [Blind Gossip]

3. "I guess this actress is C list. She probably used to be B. Was once on a very famous television show with an ensemble cast that has moved on to lots of better things. Our actress has always had a squeaky clean image because of that popular show. Right now she focuses on movies and gets leads in straight to DVD features. When she is all made up she looks fabulous. When you catch her in her trailer smoking meth though she looks like the strung out junkie she is who has no problems f**king anyone who gives her money for drugs." [CDaN]

4. "We know plenty of Celebs call the paps or give them a heads up to where they're going to be. That happens all the time. Sometimes, they even pretend like they are annoyed by it. What is a little more unusual is when a celeb alerts the paparazzi that they are going to be somewhere, and instead of showing up, have their unsuspecting rival caught in an unflattering situation, say with no makeup or caught in a scandalous affair. Can you guess the caller and the rival that has been snapped lately? It won't be too hard if you keep up on your Celeb gossip. No one from The Hills." [BuzzFoto]

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