Oct 2, 2009

Stay Out of the Water [Pirate Wars]

Like the viral spread of hip hop fashion from the inner city to the suburbs, piracy is now creeping outwards in a terrifying web-shaped pattern, across the globe. Somalis were just the early adopters. All Spanish sailors, abandon ship immediately.

When the piracy was confined strictly to a small portion of sea off the Somali coast, it was kind of cool. Danger and international intrigue in a rigidly controlled and monitored space! But now it's spreading into the Indian Ocean like an oil spill; word comes this morning that a Spanish fishing vessel with a 36-member crew was hijacked 450 miles off the Seychelles today. The same ship dodged another hijacking attempt a month ago! And two other Spanish ships, last year!

Obviously, what's going to happen is that each Western nation will have to individually prove that it won't hesitate to send in the Navy, guns blazing, to protect any ship from pirates. If Spain owns any guns, they may want to start cleaning them now.

Juan Guartem would not have stood for this!

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