Oct 6, 2009

Which Former Fatty Hates the Overweight? [Blind Items]

This person hates obese people so much, he won't go to events where they'll be. Good luck leaving the house! Even crazier is an actress who named her dog after herself and star spreading his seed on set.

1. "Which star that recently lost weight has no tolerance for overweight people. In fact, any time our star sees someone with a little extra weight, they make terrible comments, roll their eyes and are hostile towards them. The resentment has gotten so bad, they won't interact or attend events where they know people who are overweight will be there. We think they still have a little self-loathing from the time when the tables were turned. Not Nick Nolte." [BuzzFoto]

2. "David Letterman isn't the only guy on TV sweating the revelation of personal relationships with his subordinates. There is a star of a television series who has built a similar house of cards. He is married, but has been intimate with at least three members of his cast and crew. One was a co-star, one was a behind-the-scenes crew member, and one was a guest star whose appearance was contingent on a satisfactory private audition with him. There may be more. Somebody's going to get hurt on this one." [Blind Gossip]

3. "This married B+/A- list movie actress has a dog. The dog's name is the same as the name of our actress. The reason for this? According to the actress there are two reasons and I kid you not. This is what she said. 'You can never have enough of a good thing and when I look at her it is like looking at a mirror.' Oh, and to top off this absurdity her dog is a boy." [CDaN]

4. "Which star is secretly sleeping with his brother's girlfriend? The fella in question has a track record for scoring on and off the pitch. Your extra clue: Well, he's never been the most loyal guy." [UK Mirror]

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