Mar 5, 2016

Why Are Windows Defender And Antivirus Popping Up As Off?

Hey im having a weird issue where every couple of hours a notification will pop up saying my windows defender or webroot(my actual antivirus) are shut off and that their spyware protection is shut off. But, ive been checking both of them as soon as that pop up shows up and they both seem to be working properly. Also their have been a couple random screenshots popping up and saving to my onedrive. Is this the sign of any virus? ive been running scans but everything is showing up clean. Some other info that might prove useful: i did take a screenshot earlier today, and this was my first time ever taking one. Im using an external mechanical keyboard and never had any issues with it. Also i lent a class mate my computer for a quick moment a couple days ago, before that i never had any issues.

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