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Surface Book: Microsoft anachronistic ambitions

Win10 hardware product release, Microsoft product. Outside pleasantly surprised at the retreat is not only for six months out of the company's new flagship, nor is it represents the future science fiction world HoloLens virtual reality technology, but the Surface after Surface Pro to launch a new product line: the Surface of the Book. Surface restoring ancient ways of the Book is a "reactionary" products. According to the conference, which is home to the Microsoft laptops. This laptop computer is moving under the big trend, Microsoft confronted with confused looking for direction, purge Windows camp. When facing the Android mess it with the Google launched the Nexus approach. Windows camp OME manufacturers themselves into confusion Gartner and IDC figures released in July this year show that the second quarter of decline in PC sales suffered the biggest in two years. Gartner, points out that in the second quarter of this year, manufacturers shipments at 68400000 m, fell 9.5%. And IDC is not optimistic, 66.1 million global shipments (PC sales only, not including tablets) compared with the same period last year, fell 11.8%. In fact, the trend of decline in PC sales began as early as 2008. In January 2009, IDC has sent data, says the Asian PC shipments fell 5% in the fourth quarter of 2008, is the first decline in 10 years. Mobile wave erosion, and PC sales decline to Microsoft has brought unprecedented pressure, the traditional Windows OME income continues to decline, Microsoft to risk life and death. Compared to the prosperity of the Windows 7 times before entering after doing/Win8.1 era, Microsoft OEM authorized sales in winter. At the same time, moving the weakness and doing/Win8.1 in product failure gave apple an opportunity, especially the traditional PC market downturn environment, Mac upturn in sales. Extension effect, caused by the iPhone users are proud of having a Mac, this phenomenon is more to the Windows broken. In this case, the OME manufacturers Windows camp ushered a confused. Deformation, super this, android, Windows seal and so on various products emerge in endlessly. While exploring spirit is commendable, but due to doing/Win8.1 too failure, even if these products in a certain time to grasp the customer pain points, also still powerless. In their own way this exploration has brought greater trouble, OME manufacturers like a headless fly, no one knows what is really in line with the experience of the classic, no one can seize the trend of the future at the same time in the software and hardware level and trend. This is exacerbated by Mac and Windows contrast, the decline of Windows and weak. An iPhone and a Macbook became a lot of people at the top end of the standard, so that the last Surface Pro3 conference, the journalists use Macbook shorthand, to Microsoft struck a big ear. The ambition behind Microsoft atavism Some analysts believe that Surface, the Book is a perverse products, with Microsoft mobile first, runs counter to the cloud first strategy. To some extent, Surface Book such a product is indeed "reactionary", on the one hand, modelling restore ancient ways, will traditional laptop with touch screen, stylus design to sell; On the other hand, lack of portability, and Surface Pro, compared to such a successful product line on the mobile office level. But to his surprise, this was once a product is born just to widespread acclaim. A picture of a Microsoft conference broadcast live, Surface release of the Book is the most exciting time foreign media reporters. Microsoft executives and on-site journalists stood up and applauded, even a surprise, salute to Surface Book. Domestic digital industry, the editor of the students even in the circle of friends said the phrase: finally have a have a pretend bility of Windows laptop, never feel inferior in front of Mac users. Buy buy buy, it has become the domestic many to understand the product of the consumer's consistent voice. Behind the Surface Book anachronistic, actually reflect the change in today's market as well as Microsoft's ambitions. 1, the right of the mobile market Over the years, the so-called mobile Internet's point of view in both Microsoft and Google in the mobile market after the two world became the mainstream, although had many analysts had vociferously iOS and Android to carve up personal PC market, Microsoft Windows leading to Windows "threw it into the dustbin of history". But iOS and Android still there is no breakthrough on productivity tools this level, people gradually realized that the traditional notebook computer is where they should return. This from the classic Thinkpad regression design this event this year. Design association, vice President David Hill in June on his blog published a set of ThinkPad classic concept design, the idea is "new wine in old bottles", let now fittings used once appearance design, let the wind restoring ancient ways is blown into the ThinkPad. To some extent, this is also a rebellion in the current mobile trend. So we see that the device Pro with the new Office suite and handwritten pen, focus on doing a for Office productivity tools. Google's new tablet Pixel C for the first time with the keyboard, also try to do a light office tools. The domestic market, also in the flow of a Remix is to explore how to use the android do a productivity tools. Do a productivity tools, it is Microsoft's most good at doing, had to Surface represented Pro3 and Surface3 Surface series products but also a great success that a truth: Windows is the most efficient productivity tools. The return to classic form, Surface Book is actually tasted Surface Pro3 and Surface3 after sweeping new attempt to regain control of the market. 2, Microsoft hidden Nexus thinking Nexus series products as Google's son, had been shouldering the dominate the market, set up the important role of benchmarking. The Microsoft Surface the intention of the Book and the Google Nexus almost the same. Surface the Book on the one hand, bear the education OEM manufacturers how to do a elegant Windows laptop, on the other hand, is directly with the Macbook for mark, rob apple notebook market in high-end users. Classic Thinkpad regression design to the Surface from the beginning of the Book publishing, PC camps shall be over chaos, also found the stable fulcrum. Under the background of basic homogeneity of hardware, the superiority of Microsoft's intention with the aid of productivity, to launch the Windows platform on the fixation of the performance and design of living in the town of mesa product, keep weight calculation and the enterprise market, with many PC makers in kandy product mode to promote a unified process. In the latest Microsoft in the third quarter of fiscal 2015 earnings report, this reflect more obvious. According to the report content, Microsoft Windows OME this quarter revenue by 22%. Especially after the end of Windows XP support, a dramatic escalation of Windows, and Windows 8.1 pro OEM's income was reduced by 19%. OEM drop in revenue for Microsoft, is not a bad news. The profit pattern of the original are broken by Microsoft, Microsoft in the Pro conference, with the productivity of the Pro endorsement for Ofiice, everyone thinks everyone thinks Microsoft and apple after years of slay love shaking hands. From the Surface of the helm Panos Panay yesterday as revenge for the Macbook has done several contrast, the Pro has completely turned into Microsoft office software used this tool, Surface Book and Surface Pro4 hardware product is represented by Microsoft's aim. Postscript: Disadvantage on the Microsoft mobile end instead of triggering the integration of the whole platform. With the apple from the mobile end gradually eroded to the desktop system, Microsoft is through traditional advantages of the PC gradually enhance the originally weak mobile terminal. Believe in the common application development advance, Microsoft will usher in a new competitive landscape.


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