Mar 27, 2012 Did you receive this email? Please confirm

Did you receive the email copied here below sent to you last month?
Please confirm good reception. 
Martin Vermont

I am Martin Vermont and I work for Multilingual Search Engine Optimization Inc. in Washington DC  (Tel: 1-202-558-2504). I would like to speak with the person in charge of your international clientele. Who is my contact? Who should I speak to?
In fact, after visiting , we have noticed that your website cannot be found on foreign search engines (I tested it on Hispanic search engines, German search engines, Asian search engines, etc.) Our company is specialized in multilingual search engine promotions in 28 languages. From the Japanese Google to the German Yahoo, from the AOL in Spanish to the MSN in Chinese, we can show you how to develop a true international online presence by promoting your website on foreign search engines.
I strongly suggest that you watch our online presentation which explains clearly how to get top rankings on foreign search engines with only 1 entry page per language (click on the following link or copy-paste it into your web browser):
Please call me at +1 (202) 558-2504 or email me and let's work on giving your website the true international exposure which it deserves to have with foreign native online users!!
Martin Vermont
Multilingual Search Engine Optimization Inc.
1250 Connecticut Ave N.W. Suite  200
Washington, DC 20036 USA
TEL: +1 (202) 558-2504
Multilingual Search Engine Promotion Services since 1999 

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