Nov 28, 2011

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promotion of 2011 by WPWebHost

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promotion of 2011 by WPWebHost  阅读原文»


Black Friday and Cyber Monday Special Promotion by WPWebHost

It’s that time of the year where everyone is waiting for. It’s Black Friday and this year we have Cyber Monday as well. Many believed that the Black Friday is a day which brings total catastrophe aka Friday the 13th, in the modern era it’s actually a day where everyone is smiling as it’s the beginning of shopping spree as December is approaching.

Besides that, after Black Friday, WPWebHost WordPress Hosting incorporates another crazy day which is the Cyber Monday where we actually extend our promotion of the Black Friday deals to 30th of November 2011 to ensure clients out there get to enjoy maximum privileges of discount and special promo only at the best WordPress Hosting provider WPWebHost. Come and have a look at our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promotion and see what’s in stores for you.




Special Black Friday and Cyber Monday TLD Domain Deals


Cheap Domain Name Registration by WPWebHost

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Save 50% on our Total Managed VPS Plan


Save 50% VPS Plans on Black Friday by WPWebHost

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Increase customer confidence with TrustE


TrustE Black Friday by WPWebHost

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Promotion valid till 30th November 2011.





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