Jul 5, 2011

Get more readers by Publicizing on Facebook, Twitter, and now LinkedIn, Too!

Get more readers by Publicizing on Facebook, Twitter, and now LinkedIn, Too!  阅读原文»

Want to share your WordPress.com posts with your LinkedIn connections? Now you can!Today we are happy to announce that our Publicize feature connects with LinkedIn. To activate Publicize for LinkedIn, head to Settings -> Sharingin your dashboard and click Connect to LinkedIn. Please note that you need to have a LinkedIn account before you can connect it with your WordPress.com site.

After you’ve approved the connection,you’ll see LinkedIn listed in the Publish module next to the post editor.Here you can customize the message for the update you'll send out to LinkedIn and any other sharing services you have connected. You can also opt out of Publicizing a particular post by unchecking the box next to the name of the service. Below is an example of an update shown on LinkedIn.

A LinkedIn sharing button was also recently added to the Sharing feature on WordPress.com, which can be displayed at the bottom of your posts and pages. Visit your Settings -> Sharing panel and you’ll see LinkedIn as one of the Available Services.

We’re always working hard to give you more opportunities to increase the traffic to your blog. If you have questions, read more about how Publicize works. For more information on boosting your readership, check out Getting More Views and Traffic.

New Theme: Fruit Shake  阅读原文»

Over five years ago, when WordPress.com was just getting started, we launched a theme that has become near and dear to many of us. A theme that even then stood out from all the others with its, well, its banana-smoothie-ness. It’s about time to shake up the Banana Smoothie, isn’t it? Maybe even give some other fruit a shake? We think so. Let’s take a look at its delicious successor, Fruit Shake.

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The goal of Fruit Shake was to capture Banana Smoothie’s essence and serve it up to everyone with a refreshed design ― and even more fruity flavor. Hence, your choice of three fruit-flavored color schemes: Banana, Blueberry, and my favorite, Dragon Fruit. And just like, Banana Smoothie did, Fruit Shake comes with its own fruit shake recipe widget ― courtesy of the incomparable Jane Wells ― that lets you share your love of bananas, blueberries, and dragon fruit with your blog readers. Also, there may or may not be a secret, unlockable, fruit in Fruit Shake. Or not. I can't say much more than that except, well, it might be a secret. If it even exists.

Of course, if you just like the basic colors of Fruit Shake you can also personalize the design with your own custom header and custom background image. You can even remove all the widgets from the sidebar in Appearance → Widgets and create a sleek tumblelog look for your blog. In other words, you don’t have to be obsessed with fruit to enjoy Fruit Shake. It doesn’t hurt though. :)

If you want to know more about the cool features in Fruit Shake we've made a page that outlines them all on the Theme Showcase. You can read up on Fruit Shake there and check out a live demo or just activate it on your blog and start experimenting! And if you have a self-hosted installation of WordPress you haven't been left out of the fun. Fruit Shake will be making its way to the official WordPress Theme directory where you can download it and install it on your blog.


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