May 26, 2011

WPWebHost Affiliate iPad2 Giveaway

WPWebHost Affiliate iPad2 Giveaway  阅读原文»

Guys, still remember we just gave away an iPad2 in the giveaway in the early of this month? It might sound unbelievable to you, but here's another exciting giveaway for you to walk away with a cool iPad2 again!

WPWebHost Affiliate iPad2 Giveaway

How to Win?

  1. Join WP Hero Affiliate Programme
  2. Display a WPWebHost affiliate banner in your website/blog.
  3. Follow @WPWebHost in Twitter. Make a tweet in your Twitter account with #WPWebHost hashtag and link to this post. Sample tweet:
  4. Join #WPWebHost Affiliate Programme now to win iPad2!

  5. Submit your affiliate username, website/blog URL and tweet URL as comment like below.
  6. My affiliate username: xxxx
    My website/blog:
    My tweet:!/wpwebhost/status/73645733881987072

    Check the first comment for the sample participation.

  7. Gather as many second tiers as possible to join under your affiliate account.
  8. The one who fulfills all requirements above and has most second tiers wins the iPad2.
  9. Participation is accepted until 24 Jun 2011.

Important FAQ (Please read):

  1. What are second tiers?
    In nutshell, second tiers are affiliate accounts under your affiliate account. Think of it as multi-level marketing, you're a member of the affiliate program, and you earn extra incentive by recruiting members underneath you.
  2. How to invite someone to join as a second tier?
    When someone clicks your affiliate link/banner, the browser stores cookie which contains your unique affiliate ID. When he/she is brought to WPWebHost website through your affiliate link and joins the affiliate programme, he/she becomes your second tier automatically.
  3. If my friends accessed to WPWebHost website before through someone else’s affiliate links, what will happen?
    Your friends might end up become someone else’s second tiers even though they sign up affiliate through your affiliate link.To prevent this, make sure their browser’s cookies are cleared before sign up through your link.
  4. Can I replace the URL in the tweets with my own affiliate link?
    Yes. You may make your own tweet and put your own affiliate URL in the tweets to get more sign up for second tiers.
  5. How many tweets can I make?
    You can tweet as many as you like. But you just have to submit 1 tweet URL in your entry.
  6. Where can I get the affiliate banner to be put in my website/blog?
    You can get them in your affiliate account control panel, under Banners section.
  7. How many entries can I submit?
    Each participant is only allowed to submit 1 entry.
  8. I already have an affiliate account with WPWebHost. Can I join this giveaway?
    Yes, you can.
  9. Do I have to be a WPWebHost client to join this giveaway?
    No. This giveaway is open to anyone who doesn’t hate iPad2.
  10. What if there are more than one participant have same highest number of second tiers?
    The winner will be randomly drawn. WPWebHost’s decision is final.
  11. May I cheat?
    Yes, you may, and you will be disqualified.

So what are you waiting for? Become a WP Hero now and good luck! =)


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