Oct 28, 2009

Sarah Palin Is Finally a Regular Jus'-Folks Millionaire [Literature]

Sarah Palin received at least $1.25 million to write her chapter book, Goin' Rogue, Also: An American Tail. If that is it, it is much less than Tina Fey got, which is amusing.

But that is probably not all of it, as that financial disclosure only covers the period before she suddenly resigned as governor of the Alaska.

Still: a lot of money!

What is weirder, though, in her financial disclosure: last April Sarah Palin created a company called "Pie Spy." No one knows what this company does. Just that it is called "Pie Spy," and it is a "marketing" company. And:

It is listed with a North American Industry Classification System code corresponding to companies that provide services to the elderly or to people with disabilities.

But no one will say anything about this "Pie Spy" company that markets secret pies to crippled old people! What does it mean?

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