Oct 17, 2009

Bernie Madoff's Beach House Sale Closes At $9.4M: Better Than Expected! [Real Estate]

Bernie Madoff's Montauk digs went for $9.4M! Originally listed at $8.4M, the Corcoran Group's apparently the U.S. Marshalls' favorite real estate agency. Proceeds go straight into to a Madoff victims fund, no word on the buyer. But the quotes? Priceless.

Via ABC News, just enjoy these:

"As soon as you walk into it, there is an understated elegance you don't see from the outside." - Roland Ubaldo of the Southern District of New York Marshal Service

"Buyers were extremely enthusiastic about the location of the house and its potential and not at all put off by the fact that it was Bernie Madoff's house." - Pamela Liebman, CEO of Corcoran group real estate.

"People recognized the value of the property, the home, the incomparable views and nice, easy access to the beach." - Joan Hegner, the broker who ran the sale.

So, you know, just like every other real estate sale in which the buyers do not want you to have any idea whatsoever who they are. Probably because of the tawdry Formica they just purchased.

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