Jul 26, 2009

Liveblogging the Final Sarah Palin Press Conference [Sendoffs]

Sarah Palin's resigning as Alaska's Governor, which is sad, because we're gonna miss getting to write about her. Except not, because she's Palin. Her final press conference as governor starts in 30 minutes, and we're gonna be liveblogging it.

Turn your TVs to CNN, kids: they have a sports style countdown clock readying this thing. Could they hide their glee any less? Not unless they got drunk in the lead-in to it, which: feel free to on their behalf. We're gonna be doing this from the comments, so remember: the newest comments go at the top of the thread, and keep it kinda clean?...Okay, fine, fuckit: go to town. This might be the last chance we have for a while. Have fun in there.

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