Jun 19, 2009

"The Words 'a', 'and', and 'the' Are Not Included in the Rate" [Journalismism]

Journalism. It is not a lucrative profession. Maybe you could be a freelancer though? Easy gigs. Airline magazines! Travel pieces! The sad reality:

Jeff Koyen got an email from a representative of "Mabuhay, Philippine Airlines' inflight magazine," asking permission to reprint an article he'd written. For 15 cents per word. Oh, but:

Dear Mr. Koyen,
My sincerest apologies, but I failed to mention that the words "a", "and", and "the" are not included in the rate. Would you still be interested in writing this piece for us?

It's enough to make someone want to go into go-kart racing.
[True/ Slant]

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